Panama Wildlife Conservation

Panama is recognised worldwide for its valuable shipping canal, but is also known for its amazing biodiversity, one of the richest in the world. Because of the region's poverty and deforestation activities, the beautiful landscapes and fascinating plant and animal life of Panama are being severely threatened.

Panama Wildlife Conservation (PWCC) is an organisation dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity, animal species and their habitats, through the collaboration with local residents and organisations in Panama.

PWCC is a registered charity in England and Wales (1165769). Central to the philosophy of Panama Wildlife Conservation is to establish strong and long-term partnerships with small local yet energetic organisations in Panama to develop innovative conservation strategies.

Our Conservation
Efforts Are Focused On
4 Main Categories

Help Save Central American Wildlife

What Could Your Donation Do?

Jaguar Conservation

  • £8,000 - buys a Radio Collar
  • £600 - pays for a Biology student’s fieldwork x 1 month

Wildlife Surveillance

  • £650 - buys one camera trap to track elusive wildlife
  • £40 - buys a high performance memory card to hold approximately 80,000 wildlife images

Amphibian Conservation

  • £120 - buys a water temperature and pH meter
  • £200 – pays for food and accommodation for five days for 2 helpers/volunteers

Sea turtle

  • £800 – pays for the salary of a local scientist x 1 month
  • £160 - buys boat fuel for a 5-Day scientific expedition