Education and community engagement

Panama Wildlife Conservation wants to promote environmental education in the Santa Fe and Cerro Hoya areas at different levels, starting with primary schools and adults (indigenous and local farmers). We want to raise awareness about the loss of habitat and the importance of protecting Panama´s rich biodiversity.

Environmental education

Educational sessions will be carried out in primary and secondary schools located around the national parks. Similarly, educational lectures will be held in higher education centres such as universities and also in private and government institutions along the country. Our main objective is to create and maintain close contact with the local communities. Posters highlighting the importance of conservation of animal species will be displayed in key areas frequented by locals. We want also to offer alternative incentives such as payment for amphibians and reptiles protection and medical check up to engage with the community.PWC_Blog_001

Panama Wildlife Conservation will develop a pilot plan in schools located in areas influences by the Santa Fe and Cerro Hoya national parks. These talks will be called “Tours”. These tours will be provided in every classroom and will be previously arranged with the school head and teachers. The talks will encourage the active participation of students and teachers and will be repeated every year to maintain the continuity of the program.

There will be incentives for primary and secondary schools to encourage students to protect the amphibians and reptiles and their environment. The talks for the general public will be offered in different town halls of every community.