Conservation of wild predators

Jaguars are under extreme peril due to the risk that climate change poses to their habitat.

Depredation of domestic animals can provoke the ire of farm owners, who kill predators in retaliation. These conflicts arise form the rapid loss and fragmentation of habitat. Panama Wildlife Conservation wants to promote the coexistence between big cats and humans in Panama and in order to protect these amazing animals we aim to develop the following programs:

We want to protect the Jaguars by carrying the first survey of big cats in Panama using the latest technology of radio collars.1
  1. Three (3) Jaguars will be tagged in Santa Fe and Cerro Hoya National parks.
  2. This will allow for the first time to determine the distribution range within the borders of the national park.
The problem of jaguar’s attack to livestock in Panama (Chepo, Portobello, Santa Fe, Cerro Hoya and other areas) has become difficult to manage due to an increased number of attacks.
  1. Jaguar’s attacks will be recorded and we will work closely with farmers to compensate for the loss and work together to solve the problem.
  2. Camera traps will be set in farmer’s land and an eco-program will be developed to include framers and develop tourism in the region.
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Tracking jaguar footprints in Cerro mariposa, Santa Fe National park

El Sendero del Jaguar from Luis Urena on Vimeo.