Science and media production

Panama Wildlife Conservation has been working with different non-profit organisations in Panama to produce educational and promotional videos about the projects they carry out in Panama, some of them include Asociacion Amigos del Parque Santa Fe (AMIPARQUE) and Asociacion Agropesca Eco-turistica de Quebro  (APPEQ).

Our organisation also aim to  create short educational videos to promote Panama’s biodiversity and the incredible beauty that lies inside and around Verguas´s national parks. Our aim has been to create and freely distribute video productions highlighting the research carried out in protected areas.

Our group has the necessary equipment to  direct, produce, and edit any commissioned video.  If you are interested in creating a video for your NGO in Panama drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

Check out our  YouTube channel on the top of the page and see our latest video productions. See our most recent examples here: