Trail camera for wildlife surveillance

Trail cameras have become an increasingly popular tool for viewing wildlife. Historically, trail cameras are used in wildlife research to study activity and animal behaviour. We want to develop and implement the first non-game species inventory in Santa Fe and Cerro Hoya national parks using 100 state of the art Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Max. These cameras will take wildlife surveys to a whole new level.  PWC aims to use  these state-of-the-art remote cameras hidden in the jungle carrying out fauna surveys for you to unprecedented levels. Colour images and videos by day, black and white infrared shots at night, these cameras will constantly monitoring and recording anything that moves in the sensor range.

Check out the photos taken with two trail cameras in Cerro Mariposa in  Santa Fe, we have recorded an amazing biodiversity just 2 km away from Santa Fe Town!

The information collected will provide a baseline inventory of species on these national parks. These cameras will allow one to “capture” rare and enigmatic species such as jaguars, pumas, ocelots, and tapirs that inhabits these areas but are seldom seen. Video and photographic evidence is far more conclusive evidence of species occurrence than visual observation because photos and videos can be analysed by several professional and thoroughly scrutinized and will help us to protect these national parks and expand these protected areas.

How can you help?

Any donation is always welcomed.  Our scientific team promise to spend your money wisely. Every Bushnell NatureView Cam cost GBP 205 plus VAT. Any collaboration towards our goal to buy and install 100 cams in Santa Fe and Cerro Hoya will be extremely appreciated.