Explore untamed regions of Veraguas while supporting conservation and research

There are many untouched regions of Panama that are unknown to the world. Read this if you are interested in exploring with us while supporting our conservation efforts.

We offer:

  • Discovery trails along unknown and pristine forests of Santa Fe and Cerro hoya national parks.
  • Rainforest experiences, setting up camera traps to capture rare and secretive animals in the jungle.
  • Night time jungle expeditions to see amazing nocturnal creatures.
  • Walks and trekking experiences in One of the finest Landscape and Wildlife Photography inside the Panamanian Jungle.
  • Opportunity to live like a local, and experience a particular life style, very different form the urban lifestyle we are used to.

We will lead a private group of video and photographer’s enthusiasts into Santa Fe, Coiba and Cerro Hoya National Parks, one of Panama’s the best wildlife areas. This expedition and workshop combines some of the finest wildlife and landscape photography anywhere. We have selected specific camps in these national parks (Isleta and Restingue) to create an unique expedition experience specifically toward serious photography and conservation.

“The proceeds obtained form these expeditions will be entirely used to promote conservation efforts carried out by Panama Wildlife Conservation.”


  • 10-days jungle experience (5 days  in Santa Fe and 5 in Cerro Hoya).
  • We have private vehicles throughout the entire expedition.
  • An increased luggage allowance so you can bring all your camera gear - up to 50 pounds per person allowance.
  • Exclusive and private use of both expedition camps, ensuring freedom to make our own schedule and maximize time spent in the field.
  • Knowledgeable and passionate expedition guides in Panama will drive us get the experiences you are after.
  • This expedition offers superb wildlife and landscape photographic opportunities in some of the best areas in Veraguas, Panama.
  • This itinerary focuses on a real wildlife experience from the surroundings of your camping accommodation.
  • The areas visited offer an insight into the fantastic wildlife and landscapes in Panama.

To schedule a visit or expedition or ask for  more information please call or email:

Phone us UK + 44 782 450 7227                  Panama +507 6819 9508

Email us info@panamawildlife.org