What you can do

Panama Wildlife conservation is a non-profit organisation run entirely on private donations and grants. Supporting and developing conservation projects is an expensive a challenging task. We are a group of biologists that have decided to donate our time and expertise to develop conservation projects in Panama, but we need your help.

Here is what you can do:


You will be always welcome to Panama Wildlife Conservation as a volunteer whether you come on your own or with a group of friends.

There are several activities you can join such as night patrols during the turtle season. You can also help our biologist and field assistants inside the national parks to monitor camera traps, recording locations and many other useful data. You are also welcome to participate in other activities such as recycling, composting, vegetable and fruit garden.

Volunteer are important for the success of our conservation programs in Panama. They will accompany the biologist on local schools and be involved in the children to learn about Panama rich biodiversity.

    • Your donation will help protect the forest of Panama - Veraguas and the species that live there.
    • When you adopt or sponsor a Jaguar or Macaw your donation will directly support the projects that help to protect Panama’s rainforest.
    • The money you donate now will help to make rainforest more valuable to local people when is preserved.
    • We are helping to tackle the problem of illegal trade and logging in the protected areas of Panama. Sustainable living will help us to solve this problem and protect the pristine and unique habitats where these animals live.
    • Adopt or Sponsor a Jaguar or Macaw in Panama we will send you an adoption/sponsor pack and information about the projects you are helping.
    • Video and Photos captured using trail cameras will be streamed online.
    • You will also receive updates about the project progress three times a year.
    • You can also make a <one-off donation> today


    • Panama Wildlife Conservation would not be able to do their conservation and research work without the generous help of people and business like you. And fundraising is a great way to take your love for nature a step further.
    • If you are planning to take up a sporting challenge or put on an event soon, why not consider the occasion to help our causes and fundraise to help us to save Panama forest?
    • By visiting our national parks you help preserve the rainforest. Our jungle expeditions provide stable employment and training to its primarily local staff and serve as an important source of income for the community development and environmental protection projects that Panama Wildlife Conservation is running.