Dr. Jared Duquete and PWC team traveled on 9th of March 2o15 to Coiba National park to  set up nearly 40 camera traps. This is a new research project, aimed to uncover the mammals community at Coiba National Parks in Panama. PWC has joined efforts with the Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) of California at the United States, in order to deploy around 100 camera traps. The study is also supported by Yaguara Panama and has got a scientific permit issued by the National Authority for the Environment of Panama (ANAM). We are looking forward to the exciting results of this new project that will take the PWC-IWS team for about 15 days in the jungles of Panama. See more photos of this amazing trip to the jungles of Coiba  in Veraguas here:

Coiba Nartional Park Panama, PWC and IWS 2015

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DR. LUIS URENA, DR. ERIC FLORES AND HUGO BURNAND Coiba Nartional Park Panama, PWC and IWS 2015