• The herpetological fauna of Panama can be considered as one of the most bio-diverse in Central America. Recently, new species of amphibians and reptiles has been discovered in an area known as “Serranía de Tabasará” located at the central mountain range or Coordillera central.

  • Jaguars are under extreme peril due to the risk that climate change poses to their habitat.

  • Trail cameras have become an increasingly popular tool for viewing wildlife. Historically, trail cameras are used in wildlife research to study activity and animal behaviour.

  • Panama Wildlife Conservation wants to promote environmental education in the Santa Fe area at different levels, starting with primary schools and adults (indigenous and local farmers). We want to raise awareness about the loss of habitat and the importance of protecting Panama´s rich biodiversity.

  • Science and media production Panama Wildlife Conservation has been working with different non-profit organisations in Panama to produce educational and promotional videos about the projects they carry out in Panama, some of them include Asociacion Amigos del Parque Santa Fe (AMIPARQUE) and Asociacion Agropesca Eco-turistica de Quebro  (APPEQ). Our organisation also aim to  create short educational […]